5 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

Look, I think we can all agree that artificial intelligence in human resources can sound pretty scary.

(No one wants to think about a hoard of robots taking over our annual reviews or payroll.)

But, here’s the reality: AI makes a big difference in your HR processes.

In fact, using AI in human resources can actually make you better at your job.  

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AI allows computers to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence to complete.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean robots will take your job.

But it does mean you can let artificial intelligence take some of the more tedious day-to-day tasks off your hands.

That way, you’ll be able to use your intelligence to bring your HR department to the next level.

Now of course, figuring out how to incorporate artificial intelligence in human resources isn’t easy.

But it’s an emerging trend that is only getting bigger.

And as a result, you need to get the ball rolling on bringing artificial intelligence in to your HR processes.

Here are a few ways you can start using artificial intelligence in human resources right now:

5 Ways You Can Use AI in Human Resources Today

1. Use Artificial Intelligence To Enhance Your Recruiting Efforts

I think we can all agree: one of the most time-consuming parts of an HR professional’s job can be screening resumes.

That’s especially true considering 75-88% of those resumes aren’t qualified for the job at hand.

Now imagine how much time you could save if you could automate that process.

That’s what AI offers.

Companies like Ideal offer a resume screening tool that they claim can reduce your time to fill by 25-75% using an A-to-D scale to grade candidates based on their qualifications.

AI to screen candidates

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And AI doesn’t just help with resume screening.

It’s an amazing solution to the second most tedious task of a recruiter’s job: scheduling interviews.

We all know that the emails back and forth just to find a free 20-minute time slot can drive even the best recruiters crazy.

But, with the help of chatbots, you can use AI to handle all of the scheduling for you.

Products like Olivia, created by AI company Paradox, use different social platforms to schedule interviews, provide feedback, and even answer candidate questions.

AI to schedule interviews

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By speeding up your time to fill and engaging your candidates faster, AI not only benefits your HR department but also creates a better candidate experience.

It’s a win-win.

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Artificial Intelligence goes beyond the recruiting process, though.

It can also positively impact your current employees, too.

2. Streamline Your Onboarding and Employee Experience

We love our new employees.

But, I’m sure you’ll agree: they ask a lot of questions.

And chances are you may not have the bandwidth to answer all of them.

That’s why the most progressive HR teams use chatbots to answer common questions about 401k matching, benefits, vacation days, and more.

In a study conducted by ServiceNow, they found that more than one-third of employees say it’s difficult or impossible to find information about key HR policies.

That same study also concludes that 92% of HR leaders say chatbots will play a crucial role in helping employees access everything they need to know in the future.

And they feel confident that employees will feel comfortable doing so:

employee comfort levels

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Chatbots offer your employees an always-available resource to get fast answers to immediate questions, allowing you to free up your time to focus on the business.

And that’s one of the ways artificial intelligence in human resources is changing the game. Here’s another:  

3. AI Can Fairly and Efficiently Evaluate Employee Performance

Look, we all know about unconscious biases in the workplace.

And like it or not, gender, race, and contrast biases creep their way into our performance review process.

But here’s the good news: AI tools take out biases by removing the human element.

And they can also create a more efficient review process.

Many prominent companies are saying that their current review cycles take too much time and don’t do enough to benefit employees.

performance reviews ai in hr

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In case you missed that: 95% of managers are unhappy with their performance review processes.

AI can help.

Betterworks, an HR software company, has developed a Continuous Performance Management product that “helps employees easily align their personal goals with desired company outcomes, while providing them with ongoing feedback, frequent coaching conversations and increased recognition.”

Betterworks claims that by using their AI, you’ll see improvements across major categories.

continuous performance management results

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So, if you or your employees aren’t happy with your current performance review cycle, you could look to AI to change your process in the future.

4. AI Can Help with Employee Retention

Through streamlining the employee experience and enhancing your performance reviews, AI can help keep your employees in your organization.

Simon Bouchez, CEO of Multiposting, believes that in order to increase employee retention, businesses need to be better at automating and streamlining everyday tasks.

In his article on D!gitalist Magazine, he explains that the predictive technologies of AI tools alone can help explain why and when people leave.

And, he goes on to say that using AI can increase attention by creating a more inclusive employee experience:

“But more importantly, AI provides a platform that allows employees to engage as co-creators of business success and a strong, unified workplace culture. This fundamental shift in talent management changes how employees view their jobs, their relationship with their employers, and their contributions to the bottom line”

That’s how AI goes beyond helping you complete simple tasks to transform the entire workplace.

And in turn, that can help you crush it in your job:

5. AI Frees You Up to Excel at Your Job

At the end of the day, thoughtfully incorporating AI into your HR processes frees you from tedious tasks and gives you the opportunity to spend more time building a stronger workplace.

You’ll create a more efficient process, make better hiring decisions, and give your employees access to important information at their fingertips.

And that will make you look really, really good.


Associate editor Sushman Biswas drives this home in his article on HR Technologist:

“With AI taking the “grunt work” out of HR, recruiters will have more time on their hands to optimize workflows and drive high-quality candidate experience that directly affects business’ bottom-lines. The biggest challenge with driving successful candidate experience programs today is that most tools and programs push recruiters to alter their existing workflows and end up increasing their overall workloads, killing candidate experience programs from the get-go.”

By streamlining the otherwise tedious aspects of your job, you’ll be able to further excel in the areas that help to drive your business.


It’s abundantly clear that artificial intelligence will continue to make its way into the HR world.

As HR professionals, we should take advantage of these tools and use it to create a more streamlined, efficient workplace.

After all, using AI the right will help you and your business excel.

So, embrace the future.

And let robots do some of the dirty work.

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