The 3 Most Important Things to Look for When Hiring a Franchise Sales Leader

Having a top Franchise Sales pro leading your franchise sales team is key to your brands bottom line.  Beyond the increase in franchise sales and fees collected, there are important key correlations between a great franchise sales leader and your long-term royalty income that makes it imperative for you to hire the right sales leader for your organization.

There are three things you should consider before hiring your next franchise sales leader to make sure they’re able to effectively lead a team and be successful in their role:

        1. Ability to Recruit and Develop a Team of Franchise Sales Managers

Not only do true sales leaders know how to sell, but they also know how engage, retain and train a team of A-players.  In franchising, it is important to have the front-line franchise sales team be on the same page regarding a potential franchisee prospects’ corporate culture fit for the brand beyond just a financial fit.   Too many emerging brands with aggressive sales schedules land as many new franchisees as they possibly can in their early years in order to “grow their footprint” faster than their competitors.  But in the not-so-long-run…these mistakes of taking on a financially capable prospect while ignoring their mis-match on a corporate cultural fit is a misfire that usually costs new franchises organizations $100’s of thousands in the form of lost royalties, legal fees and damage to the brand with stores closing or being mis-managed by the wrong type of franchise partner.

Hiring a sales leader who has the ability to recruit and train a team that understands what an ideal fit looks like for your brands corporate culture is essential.  There are more great closers out there than you think…but you need to be sure that your Franchise Sales leader hires and shapes a team of closers that appreciate and connect with your brand and its identity in the market place.  Find out what past experience your Franchise Sales Leader candidate has in hiring and leading a sales team. Also, explore what key traits they sought out in hiring their team.

        2. Uses Metrics on a Daily Basis

If your Franchise Sales team isn’t being measured on their performance on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, then your franchise sales department is missing out on valuable coaching opportunities and more importantly, losing out on revenue.  The majority of high-performing Franchise Sales leaders, that I’ve interviewed in my 27 years as an executive recruiter in this space, agreed that in order to truly be an effective leader in this market that their salespeople need to be regularly assessed and held accountable against their quota.

When interviewing Franchise Sales leaders, ask for examples of how they use metrics on a daily or weekly basis to drive their team towards success.  A franchise sales leader can’t just count on instincts to decide if their team is being diligent or not.  Specific metrics will allow the leader to measure effectiveness of lead sources as well as to find out whether the reps are effective or not.  Some of the most effective Franchise Sales leaders I’ve placed could tell me exactly what each franchise sales cost them to the penny based on the lead source as well as the closing ratio for each of their franchise sales managers based on leads converted to sales.

Find out what past experience your Franchise Sales Leader candidate has in utilizing metrics to assist them in their success as a franchise sales lead.  Ask for examples of how he/she used them in their last role.

        3. Strong Understanding of How to Recruit Franchise Prospects in Today’s Digital Landscape.

Top performing Franchise Sales leaders today know what is necessary to drive interested and relevant buyers into the funnel.  This does NOT mean knowing what portals are most effective or what broker networks to engage.  This means understanding the use of social media, real- time communication and how to create and manage an up-to-date and dynamic website that is monitored by an effective SEO platform.

Of course, top Franchise Sales leaders in today’s market certainly are not writing content or driving copy to blogs themselves, but they know what resources are out there and what they should cost.  An understanding of the available tools and their costs is imperative to being effective in today’s ever-changing and very competitive social media savvy market place.

Find out what past experience your Franchise Sales Leader candidate has in managing a budget that includes social media and digital lead-sourcing efforts. Ask them how, if at all, they engaged cross-functionally with their marketing peers  at their past organization on utilizing best SEO practices on the corporate website.

There’s no denying the importance of having a strong Franchise Sales leader to drive your concept toward its goal of new store openings and long-term growth.  And I think looking for these 3 things when hiring a new Franchise Sales leader will help you hire a top performer.

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