3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Improve Your Job Search

3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Improve Your Job Search

Job hunting can be challenging because currently in most industries there are more professionals looking for jobs than there are open positions. Self-awareness can help you gain a competitive advantage and increase your chances of landing a great job. The following three questions will help you improve your job search so you can land the best job for you.

What factors are driving my career decisions?

This is the first question you should ask yourself. You won’t have an easy time finding the right job if you don’t understand your motivators. Are you looking for a different job that pays better? Do you want a job that gives you a healthy work-life balance? Do you want to work for an organization that shares your values? Are you ready to pivot your career into another niche? Answering these questions will help you focus your search and find a role that truly fits your needs and desires. Understanding what drives you will also help you when you interview because you will have an easier time communicating your career aspirations to the hiring manager.

What are my blind spots?

When job searching, it’s also important to understand your blind spots. First off, you can rest assured that you have some – we all do. It is impossible to have an unbiased view of your strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. No matter how self-reflective you are, there will still be areas of your performance and personality that are more difficult to see clearly. That’s why it’s a great idea to have a mentor or coach. Ask a mentor or someone else you trust to be honest with you to tell you what your blind spots are when it comes to your motivations, your elevator pitch, and answering interview questions. Getting clear on those things will help you put your best foot forward while being transparent and honest with yourself.

How do I mesh with a team?

It’s important to understand how you operate in a team setting. Are you more of a follower or a leader? What personality types do you work best with and what personality types do you clash with? What is your collaboration style? That’s where an assessment tool can really come in handy. One that we like is 16 Personalities. They have a free version that is simple to use and gain a better understanding of your personality. This test and others like it are helpful in giving you an immediate overview of your personality type and how that personality type interacts with others. Understanding how you mesh with a team will help you make better career decisions because you can sense whether a company and its team will be a good fit for you.

There is a lot of job search competition right now in most industries. As a job seeker you can gain a competitive advantage through self-reflection. Understanding what motivates your career decisions, what your blind spots are, and how you mesh with a team will help you find a company that is the right fit for you.

by Ruben Moreno

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