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The Importance of Candidate Experience When Hiring Talent

The Importance of Candidate Experience When Hiring Talent

In Human Resources, treating candidates well is an essential element in a successful hiring strategy. Attracting and retaining top talent is dependent on treating potential candidates with care and respect. Because of the high-touch process involved, working with an HR recruiter can set your company apart and increase your odds of landing the best talent. Below we’ll cover the importance of candidate experience when hiring talent.

The Candidate Experience

By delivering a positive candidate experience, you will be able to attract high value, low availability talent. In contrast, a poor candidate experience can cost your company immeasurably. Companies need the best talent to thrive in such a competitive market. At the end of the day, candidates want to feel valued. They do not want to feel like they’re simply commodities. One way to improve the candidate experience is to be consistent, personal, and prompt in your communication with prospective employees.

Recruiters Have a High Touch Process

Working with a recruiter can give you a distinct advantage during the hiring process. An experienced HR recruiter will get to know the candidates thoroughly well before they are interviewed. Recruiters find out what is driving the candidates’ desire for change and discover what is important to them, whether that’s cultural fit, personal interests above and beyond their skills, or work-life balance. This period of inquiry establishes the groundwork so you can successfully pitch your opportunity during the interview.

With a seasoned recruiter, the candidate and hiring manager get a true matchmaking experience. Candidates need to see that you care about them and that you want to see them get to where they need to be in their career journey. It’s important to show them you want them to be happy and have a job that is a good fit for them.

Hiring Spec Sheets

A tenured HR recruiter spends a lot of energy on the hiring spec sheets, which is like a cheat sheet for the company and the company’s values and culture. Typically, the spec sheet will contain five or six value propositions for each position. Recruiters emphasize quadrant questions for each of their searches. Candidates who can answer the questions in depth have the ability to turn the head of the hiring manager.

In human resources, the candidate experience is a crucial part of the hiring process. Working with an HR recruiter can help you improve the candidate experience and ensure you find a candidate that is a great fit for your company. Recruiters not only act as matchmakers, but they help candidates feel valued every step of the way, which is critical for success and longevity.

by Ruben Moreno

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