How to Maximize Customer Experience for Small Companies

How to Maximize Customer Experience for Small Companies

Poor customer experience can cost companies billions of dollars per year. Yet successful customer experience management is getting even more complex thanks to the growing number of channels that people use to communicate. For instance, just consider the fact that an average person can have well over 300 followers on social media. It doesn’t take long for one negative review or complaint to spread and result in significant losses to a business. Customer service is an essential part of customer experience management, but there are also several other layers to it that leaders need to focus on to be successful. These include product quality and the way that customers feel about their brands. Here are some steps you can take to maximize customer experience for small companies.

  1. Define Your Customers – From age and geography to hobbies and marital status, it’s important to know who your customers are so that you can improve how your brand interacts with them.
  2. Conduct Surveys – Use customer satisfaction surveys to pinpoint weak operation areas while providing consumers with a private channel to share their concerns directly with you. This direct channel is also a useful strategy to mitigate the spread of bad reviews or complaints via social media.
  3. Train Employees – The more your employees know about your products, services and market, the better they will be able to represent your company. Providing exceptional customer service is getting more challenging, so offering incentives and bonuses can be an effective way to motivate employees. Having a clear mission statement also helps get employees excited and passionate about what the brand represents and how it’s improving the world in some way.
  4. Show Appreciation – There are plenty of inexpensive ways for small companies to promote customer appreciation. Price matching, free samples, sponsoring local teams and sending out holiday greetings are just a few popular strategies.
  5. Highlight Innovation – One way to outshine the competition is to leverage customer feedback when it comes to improving your products and services. Be prepared to connect with customers on their terms whether it’s voice, web, chat, email, video, or social media.

Today’s customers aren’t the same as those from decades ago. They are even more demanding and have much higher expectations. Negative customer experiences are bound to happen occasionally because there are just too many variables involved to prevent them. That’s why leaders should remain proactive when it comes to making these improvements and shaping their overall CX strategy.

by Christopher Rios

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