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Tips to Overcome Remote Work Challenges

Tips to Overcome Remote Work Challenges

Many professionals in customer experience are doing more of their work from home, even before the pandemic started. Now, remote work is more common than ever. However, remote work comes with a fair share of challenges, especially for professional who are working from home for the first time. These tips will help you overcome remote work challenges so you can be more balanced and productive.

Time Management

One of the biggest differences between working from an office and working from home relates to time management. In a traditional work setting, there aren’t that many distractions and you tend to have a fairly set schedule. When working remotely, schedules are more flexible and you must contend with additional distractions, such as kids, pets, partners, etc. One way to improve time management is to try to replicate an office environment within your house. Set up a designated workspace and minimize potential distractions. It also helps to stick to a regular schedule if possible. To-do lists, goal charts, and time tracking software are also good time management tools.


Another challenge remote workers commonly face is isolation. At an office, you’re surrounded by coworkers. Many professionals who work from home have little interaction with other people throughout the day. One way to minimize feelings of isolation is to seek out other friends you have who work remotely. They likely have similar feelings of isolation and wouldn’t mind meeting regularly for coffee/lunch or a zoom happy hour. Make the effort to incorporate socialization into your weekly routine, otherwise, your job can become a source of alienation.

Work-Life Balance

When you work remotely it can be harder to turn work mode off at the end of the day. You may still end up checking emails or doing other work tasks after you check out for the day. But it is important to maintain boundaries or you are more likely to become overwhelmed. Once you decide on a daily end time, stick to it. If you find yourself struggling with this, ask your family or friends to help you stay accountable to the boundaries you have set for yourself. Setting rewards for yourself if you stick to your goal can also help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Working remotely in customer experience can pose a variety challenges, such as feelings of isolation and unclear work/home boundaries. Establishing a dedicated workspace, sticking to a set schedule, eliminating potential distractions, and actively seeking out opportunities to socialize can help make the transition into remote work easier.

by Christopher Rios

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