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Customer Experience Trends on the Rise

Customer Experience Trends on the Rise

After such an eventful 2020, the coming year is going to be an interesting time for customer experience as businesses try to adjust to changes in the behaviors and expectations of their customers. Here are some of the customer experience trends that are on the rise right now.

Digital Experiences

Companies across many different industries are offering more products and experiences that are digital to appeal to tech savvy customers. This trend has increased tremendously this year since many companies had to shut down physical stores and needed ways to engage with customers remotely. Digital products like smartphone apps allow companies to interact with their customers directly and gather data, which they can continue to improve the customer experience over time.

Omnichannel Communication

Many consumers today are used to impersonal interactions when dealing with businesses. However, most customers prefer to have real-time communication with real people. Consumers want instant gratification and expect businesses to respond promptly to their questions and queries. Omnichannel communication is becoming increasingly popular because having multiple channels of communication allows businesses to respond to customers faster and with a personal touch.

Custom Content and Experiences

Many consumers have started to feel disengaged, which has been amplified by the social distancing required over the past several months. More companies are actively working to make their interactions with customers more personalized as way to gain their loyalty. Even something as simple as using a customer’s names in email content can create a more engaging experience. You can also make the customer experience more engaging by writing content that is pertinent to customers and provides a value to them, such as helpful tips and resources that customers can actually use.

Direct-to-Consumer Products

Over the past few years, consumers have moved away from buying goods in conventional stores and towards online shopping. The pandemic this year has a shone an even brighter spotlight on direct-to-consumer products and services. Consumers want purchases quickly and don’t want to leave the house to get them. Companies are increasing the number of direct-to-consumer products they offer, while also making the products more engaging by offering more options for personalization.

Between the increasing digitalization of society and social distancing brought on by the pandemic, customer experience is experiencing many changes. Businesses are working on improving customer engagement by providing faster communication, a larger variety of direct-to-consumer products and services, more personalized content, and more digital experiences. These are just a few of the customer experience trends to expect in 2021.

by Christopher Rios

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