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Why Successful Managers Always Take a Recruiter’s Call

If you work in executive management, you should always take a recruiter’s call. An expert recruiter can be an invaluable resource to you as an executive. Here are some reasons why working with a search firm is very useful and why successful managers always take a recruiter’s call.

You Don’t Want to Miss out on Opportunities

There is no risk in taking a recruiter’s call. Recruiters won’t try to pressure you or influence your decision. When you do take a call, you have the chance to hear about exciting job opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise hear about. A lot of companies don’t list job openings online because they rely on external recruiters to find candidates. You don’t want to miss out on a major opportunity that can benefit you, your career, and your family. Recruiters know your career decision are your choices to make, but you can’t make informed decisions if you don’t have all the information.

It Helps to Have an Extra Set of Eyes

The job position the recruiter talks about might not be the right fit for you, and that’s okay. First, you won’t know unless you speak with them. Secondly, if it isn’t a good fit, the recruiter will ask you to tell them what you are looking for. They will be able to keep their eyes open and get back to you if they come across any job opportunities that are in your lane.

Stay Informed

Even if you’re not actively looking for a job, it helps to gather information, so you know what jobs are out there. Retiring with one company is a thing of a past. Don’t worry about being seen as a disloyal employee. It doesn’t hurt to gather information. You should always think about your future. Eventually, you will want a new job. Things change rapidly. Your company may change leadership, or you might reach a point where you have nothing left to learn in your role. By talking to a recruiter, you can begin cultivating a relationship with them so you will have them as a resource when you do decide to make a career move.

Talking to a recruiter who specializes in human resources executive search can lead you to opportunities you never would have thought possible. A recruiter shows you the path, but you get to decide whether or not to walk on it. Use a recruiter to learn as much as you can about the employment market and what job opportunities are out there, so you can make the career decisions that are right for you.

by Nancy Estep

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