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Spotlight: Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia

Even during the toughest of times, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia have been working hard to ensure that the youth of Philadelphia have their needs met. Their programming reaches into every area where young people, particularly at-risk youth, might need a helping hand, from arts, culture, sports, and recreation to education and leadership assistance to health skills and much more. It’s an organization that does its best to ensure that no one is forgotten or left behind.


“The Boys and Girls Club has been assisting young people for a long time. I have been a longtime advocate for organizations that focus on giving young people a place to be safe and making them aware that there are other places besides the streets,” says Jose Garcia, Director of Executive Search at Blue Rock Search. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia take that mission to heart, providing basic necessities and learning as well as enrichment and recreational programming to the many youth (and their families) who lean on the organization for support.


Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia has served the city’s youth since 1887. In fact, the Germantown, Wissahickon, and Nicetown clubs are three of the original clubs at the founding of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America more than a century ago! All of Philadelphia’s locations continue the work of educating, assisting, and uplifting youth to this day.


Partnerships with a variety of other organizations and companies provide opportunities for youth to take drama classes, build leadership skills, prepare for college and careers, develop healthy habits, explore STEM topics, and more. The basic needs of these youth are also a key focus for the Boys and Girls Clubs. Philadelphia is the fourth-hungriest city in the U.S., and 22% of the city’s children are food insecure. The clubs provide their “Kids Café” to meet these needs and ensure that hunger doesn’t get in the way of success. The organization also helps youth with their education needs, including a literacy initiative to address the challenges many Philadelphia students face in reaching grade-level reading proficiency.


Blue Rock Search is proud to highlight the work of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia!

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