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Blue Rock Announces Placement of Subway’s Country Director of Canada

Sarasota, FL: October 11, 2021 ­– Blue Rock Search is pleased to announce the placement of Douglas Fry as Subway’s Country Director of Canada.

Subway’s Country Director of Canada

Fry will be responsible for continuing to grow the Subway brand in Canada, which is currently home to 2,900 Subway locations, all owned and operated by franchisees. Fry’s role also will focus on increasing profit and market share, strategic planning and innovation, and overall business improvement. He replaces Cristina Wells, who now serves as the Vice President, U.S. Strategy and Planning, as part of Subway’s marketing team.


Fry brings a wide range of expertise to his new position, from sales and guest experience, to marketing and strategy, to supply chain and operational leadership. Prior to joining Subway, he has already had over 20 years of restaurant and consumer goods experience, with previous leadership positions at McDonald’s Canada, Recipe, and Kraft Heinz.


Nancy Estep-Critchett, Founder and Franchise Practice Leader at Blue Rock Search, said, “Finding the right talent for the right position is Blue Rock Search’s top priority. We were pleased to be chosen to assist Subway in this executive search for their new Country Director of Canada. Douglas Fry brings a great deal of expertise and experience to the role and has what it takes to be an effective leader and fulfill the company’s mission of elevating the brand and delivering a positive experience for guests and franchisees alike.”


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