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Spotlight: Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

March is Myeloma Awareness Month, and this month’s Blue Rock Gives Back charity spotlight centers on multiple myeloma research and treatment. The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation is dedicated to building a future without the disease.


Multiple myeloma is a form of blood cancer, affecting plasma cells. The disease causes malignant plasma cells to accumulate in bone marrow, overwhelm normal plasma cells, and produce an abnormal antibody protein that then can lead to tumors, impaired immune system, and other bone and organ damage. From 2010 to 2016, the most recent statistics available, the five-year relative survival rate for multiple myeloma was 53.9%.


The MMRF has one simple mission: cure multiple myeloma. In support of this broad goal, the foundation supports a number of projects. While supporting scientists and researching cutting-edge research on cancer treatments, the foundation also funds promising biotech companies, gathers data, and offers support and in-depth information to patients dealing with the disease. One of its signature achievements focuses on integrating large amounts of patient data with an enormous genomic dataset. These studies are designed to help scientists find unique and targeted cures for every patient and their unique situations.


Every donation to the MMRF goes towards supporting researchers on their quest to cure multiple myeloma and to improve the lives of patients everywhere. Supporters can donate directly, join or launch fundraising events, or arrange a planned gift. Thanks to these generous donations, the MMRF has raised over $500 million for research, brought 13 new drugs to treat multiple myeloma patients to the market, and helped increase patient life expectancy threefold.


“This cause is so very important to me as I lost my brother in 2019 at the age of 47 to this awful disease.  Medical research has come so far, but they need funding to continue their research,” says Julia Vargo, Business and Finance Manager at Blue Rock. “I don’t want any other family to lose a loved one to this awful disease.”


Blue Rock Search is proud to highlight and support the incredible work of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.


About Blue Rock Gives Back

At Blue Rock Search, part of our corporate culture is finding ways to help people whenever the opportunity arises. In the Blue Rock Gives Back program, our employees each choose a cause that is personally important. Then, on a monthly basis, we select one of those charities and make a donation. We believe that even small acts can make the world a better place.

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