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Hunt Scanlon Media Releases 2022 DE&I Report

Ruben Moreno Featured in 2022 DE&I Report

Ruben Moreno, Founder and HR/Higher Education Practice Leader at Blue Rock Search, is one of the HR experts featured in Hunt Scanlon Media’s 2022 DE&I Report, “Building a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace. The report focuses on the role of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in building teams, particularly at the executive level, and offers insights from a variety of experts on what the future of DE&I can and should look like.


Moreno contributes a pair of in-depth pieces to the report. In the foreword, Moreno offers his perspective on the very words and concepts that we use to talk about DE&I. From the addition of “belonging” to the lexicon, to the question of “equity” versus “equality, to the importance of transparent and clear communication, Moreno discusses how the language we use really matters when it comes to truly moving the needle on DE&I.


For the report’s “industry viewpoints,” Moreno also shares his expertise on the value of DE&I initiatives and what’s really happening in the hiring world. Candidates are no longer taking promises of DE&I commitments at face value; many are tired of finding a very different reality, or being hired as a “diverse” candidate and then being expected to shoulder DE&I responsibilities along with their planned role. Instead, top talent is looking to see evidence of a real commitment to change and improvement from the start.


Moreno’s insights include thoughts on the candidates’ perspectives, the value of meaningful work, and the need for true, measurable action. Executive recruiters, meanwhile, will find guidance on how best to advise their clients on these complex questions.


Hunt Scanlon’s 2022 DE&I Report is a can’t-miss for anyone looking for real, practical guidance on the next evolution of these critical concerns. Find the whole report at Hunt Scanlon:

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