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CX in Manufacturing: How Diamond C Trailers is Taking a Leadership Role

Based out of Mt. Pleasant, Texas, Diamond C Trailers has been an industry leader in the trailer manufacturing sector since 1985. The company is proud to be a family-owned business based on the values of honesty, respect, humility, and integrity. It’s those very values that led the company to make its latest major decision: hiring a Chief Customer Experience Officer – a role that is not necessarily the norm in the trailer manufacturing industry. That’s where Blue Rock came in.


Jeffery Crabb, President and CEO of Diamond C Trailers, has a simple explanation as to why the company chose to be proactive and add a role that is not yet typical in their industry.


“Our customers deserve it. They are believing in us, investing in our products, and buying our brand and they deserve to have an EXTRAordinary customer experience that is consistent with the EXTRAordinary products that we build,” he explains. “I believe that our customer experience is a direct reflection of our culture and leadership. The building of our EXTRAordinary customer experience will be a catalyst for the overall health and performance of our organization, culture, and leadership which will, without a doubt, fuel the growth and success of our team-members, customers, and community abroad.”


Diamond C’s core values of #DoWork and #LoveStrong perfectly sum up their commitment to our clients and our team. They’re dedicated to hard work, critical thinking, accuracy, and integrity, with a firm belief that we do our best work when we challenge each other, approach work thoughtfully, and put quality first. At the same time, they’re equally dedicated to compassion, love, and respect in everything we do. They truly believe that “teamwork makes the dream work” and that valuing and respecting one another leads to great results for everyone.


At Diamond C, translating those values equally to the customer experience has always been a top priority. The challenge has been to meet those needs and provide that excellence without having a clear, specific, or formal CX system.


“As we have grown and scaled the team, it has become clear that, while sticking to our core values is critical, it’s not enough to ensure EXTRAordinary customer experience, consistently,” says Crabb. “We need leadership, strategy, organizational alignment, and resource allocation specifically for customer experience. Our ambition in customer experience is to build out our organization and systems in a way that ensures EXTRAordinary customer experience every time, with every customer, to the greatest extent possible. The trailers that we build are world-class — our customer experience should be too.”


In order to achieve these goals, Diamond C turned to Blue Rock Search. Our expert team worked with their leadership on a targeted executive search, ultimately placing Sri Subramanian as the organization’s new Chief Customer Experience Officer. Crabb is already looking forward to the possibilities with this new executive in place.


“The advancement of our customer experience will make work and progress easier, more convenient, and efficient for our customers,” he says. “Most of our customers are using their trailers for work, as tools for the job. So, the easier we make it for them to buy the right tool and to service and maintain it, the more effective and successful they will be. Our team-members will also reap the benefits as our customer experience strategy gains traction.”


Ultimately, Crabb says, the presence of a CXO will be a major factor in elevating Diamond C, continuing to live up to their core values, and building an even better future for the brand, its team, and its clients.


“Our CXO should bring data driven voice-of-customer to the forefront of the business’ leadership with customer centric KPI’s. He will elevate voice-of-customer to be a key (and well understood) driver in organizational development, performance, and health. And through his deep CX knowledge and experience, he will create opportunities for our team-members to learn and grow too!”


By Christopher Rios


About the Author

Christopher Rios is a Founding Member of Blue Rock Search. He has over twenty-five years in Hospitality and Executive Search and leads the Blue Rock CX practice. His desire and passion to deliver an exceptional and engaging Client and Candidate Experience has led him to his current role as Chief Experience Officer. He has over fifteen years of hospitality experience as an executive chef and has been recruiting executive and senior-level talent in Customer Experience, HR, and Hospitality for over a decade.


In his capacity as CXO, Chris oversees the retained CX Executive Search practice, which specializes in the identification, assessment, recruitment, and onboarding of executive-level CX leaders and their teams inclusive of Leaders across all Experience Disciplines (Patient, Digital, User, Employee, etc.), Customer Success, Care & Support, Contact/Call Centers, Professional and Managed Services, VOC/VOE as well as Insights and Analytics.

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