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Spotlight: Local Environmental Agriculture Project (LEAP)

For too many families and communities, meeting as basic a need as sufficient, healthy food is a constant struggle. The work of the Local Environmental Agriculture Project (LEAP) aims to address that need, from the farm to the table.


Based out of Roanoke, Virginia, this 501(c)3 nonprofit works to address food challenges from every angle. The organization connects with and supports local food producers in Virginia with a variety of resources. Their Community Gardens project allows anyone to become a gardener for a nominal fee to claim their plot in one of four gardens. Meanwhile, food growers have a number of resources at their disposal, from the LEAP Food Hub (which purchases and sells locally-grown products), to a pair of farmers’ markets and an online market, to the LEAP Kitchen for food prep and cooking. LEAP even offers a “Food Share” program, connecting customers and food producers through a “subscription” option that allows individuals to reserve an ongoing portion of produce from local farmers.


LEAP also works to ensure that food reaches the most underserved and in-need members of the community. In collaboration with state and federal programs and other community partners, LEAP is committed to getting fresh, healthy food on the table for everyone. This includes everything from voucher programs to a “Mobile Market” sent to various neighborhoods and other programs designed to improve food access and quality. The organization also works with a number of partners on important programs like community outreach, farm-to-school programs, advocacy, regional food planning, and much more.


“As someone who passionately committed much of his twenties to regenerative farming/ranching and building regional food systems, I support and believe in LEAP’s mission ‘to nurture healthy communities and resilient local food systems’ through connecting the local farmers, food producers, culinary entrepreneurs, and community members,” says Colin Boggess, Director, PMO & Operations at Blue Rock Search.


Blue Rock is proud to highlight and support the incredible work of LEAP!


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