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Spotlight: Americans Helping Americans

Solving problems starts at home, right in our own communities. That’s the mission of Americans Helping Americans, an organization dedicated to finding long-term solutions to the challenges facing families throughout Appalachia. Not only does the organization work to address the immediate issues, but it encourages the building of closer community bonds to help neighbors support each other and build successful, supportive communities that will last for generations.


Through partnerships with local civic organizations, churches, schools, and businesses, as well as donations from generous supporters, Americans Helping Americans provides a wide range of services aimed at addressing the needs of families and individuals in the region:


  • Home-related projects, such as repairs, eviction prevention, and utility assistance
  • Medical assistance, eye exams, glasses, and other medical expenses
  • Education programs, including after-school programming, summer food programs, school supplies, day and residential camps, enrichment programs for at-risk youth, and vocational training programs
  • Basic needs, including winter coats and shoes, food distributions, and emergency assistance


With many partners across several communities, Americans Helping Americans began as a direct response to hardships and poverty faced by many Americans, and it continues expanding to serve even more people in need. They are recognized and accredited by several organizations, including accreditation by the Better Business Bureau, the Independent Charities of America’s Seal of Excellence, and membership in the 501(c)(3) nonprofit association America’s Best Charities.


“Americans Helping Americans provides real help where people need it most,” says Joshua Jones, Director of Client Relationship Development at Blue Rock Search. “Their community-based model is all about building relationships and finding sustainable, long-term solutions. It’s great to support a charity that meets people where they are and gives them the tools to build the kind of future where they, and future generations, can thrive.”


Blue Rock is proud to highlight and support the incredible work of Americans Helping Americans!


About Blue Rock Gives Back

At Blue Rock, part of our corporate culture is finding ways to help people whenever the opportunity arises. In the Blue Rock Gives Back program, our employees each choose a cause that is personally important. Then, on a monthly basis, we select one of those charities and make a donation. We believe that even small acts can make the world a better place.


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