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Charity Spotlight: Mission of Hope

For many families, just meeting the most basic needs can be a struggle. In rural Appalachia, dire poverty and a lack of opportunities make for extremely difficult living conditions. That’s where organizations like Mission of Hope come in.


Since 1996, Mission of Hope has worked to assist people in rural counties of Kentucky and Tennessee who are facing poverty and need. As many of 80% of the region’s residents have lost jobs in the shrinking coal mining industry, and other job opportunities have been scarce. As a result, many once-proud families have lost hope for the future, finding themselves trapped in an ongoing cycle of poverty, health problems, hunger, shattered families, and an abandoned economy.


Mission of Hope was inspired by a broadcast from local TV station WBIR, which showed the realities of life for impoverished families in rural Appalachia. The organization’s first event in 1996 was able to help 150 children, and it has only grown since then. Today, Mission of Hope provides Christian-based ministry and services to the people of rural Appalachian communities. The organization and its volunteers deliver clothes, food, toys, and school supplies, assist with home repair or relocation, provide scholarships, and assist with job training, searching, and creation.


Through ministry centers located within the communities they serve, Mission of Hope is able to see firsthand what the unique needs of each community are. They also serve over 40 elementary and high schools in some of the poorest regions of Appalachia. Wherever they go, their mission is right in the name: bringing hope to regions where hope can be hard to find.


“Mission of Hope is a very important charity in the East Tennessee Region, as we are fortunate to have the mountains of Appalachia in our backyard. Mission of Hope provides a much-needed service of charitable assistance to the families in need in Rural Appalachia,” said Ryan Butler, Director of Executive Search at Blue Rock Search. “Being born and raised in East Tennessee this is a cause I am very passionate about supporting.”


Blue Rock is proud to highlight and support the incredible work of Mission of Hope!


About Blue Rock Gives Back

At Blue Rock, part of our corporate culture is finding ways to help people whenever the opportunity arises. In the Blue Rock Gives Back program, our employees each choose a cause that is personally important. Then, on a monthly basis, we select one of those charities and make a donation. We believe that even small acts can make the world a better place.


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