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Santa Shortages Indicate Larger Staffing Concerns

Santa Claus passing out gifts at the holiday party, taking pictures with him at the mall, and catching him in the local holiday parade are all time-honored traditions that we look forward to every year.


This year, however, hiring trends prove that not even Santa has enough magic to avoid the labor shortages affecting companies across every sector.


According to Mitch Allen, founder and “head elf” of, demand for Santas is up 30% year-over-year. Allen told Entrepreneur that there are probably around 20 open roles in their database for every one “Santa” available, with approximately 2,250 open positions and counting. That’s a lot of employers looking for St. Nick and coming up empty-handed!


Although this may seem to be just a seasonal problem, it points to a larger recruiting and hiring trend. Placing an ad doesn’t always guarantee you the right candidate – or in some cases, any qualified candidate. Great candidates aren’t always looking for their next role, and it can be hard to locate potential talent when they’re not the ones actively checking job postings. Sometimes, those “passive” candidates can be activated when they have the chance to talk to someone who knows how to effectively position the potential opportunity. After all, money isn’t always the only concern – many workers, especially today, need a strong reason to change jobs or accept a position, even a temporary gig like playing Santa Claus.


Finding someone who fits the position but also fits the salary range can be a challenge. That’s where expert recruiting teams come in. Professional recruiting firms typically have access to resources and candidate pools that most companies don’t have. These firms are more adept at finding rare talent to fit even the most unique roles.


Blue Rock Search is here to answer all your executive search needs. With practices in HR & Diversity, Higher Education, Franchise, and Customer Experience, our team brings decades of high-level recruiting expertise to find solutions to even your most challenging searches. We might not be Santa’s elves, but we definitely have our own brand of recruiting magic!

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