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Blue Rock Partners with PhysMED to Build Sales Organization

Sarasota, FL – Blue Rock Search is pleased to announce that the firm has been selected to assist PhysMED with building out their sales function.


Serving the Western Florida region, PhysMED is a pain relief and injury care center specializing in treatment of injuries following auto accidents, as well as other conditions. The PhysMED approach tailors treatment to individual patients, keeping track of their conditions and of new frontiers in medical science in order to treat the underlying causes, not just the surface symptoms. PhysMED serves patients at nine modern facilities, each with its own team of dedicated medical and care professionals.


As the PhysMED organization grows, its Sales team is expanding as well and is central to achieving growth goals. These company representatives are critical to building long-term relationships with, and increasing referrals from, urgent care clinics, chiropractors, physicians’ offices, and other medical providers. Blue Rock will partner with PhysMED to fill key roles at various levels to build this growth-oriented Sales team.


Nancy Estep-Critchett, Founder and Franchise Practice Leader at Blue Rock Search, said, “Blue Rock is honored to partner with PhysMED to address their growth needs and build their Sales team. Our foundation of ‘Relationships Built to Last’ dovetails perfectly with the relationship-oriented roles in the Sales function of the organization. Throughout the search process, we prioritize understanding the unique nuances of each role, allowing us to present the very best candidates who are ready to help PhysMED continue to grow, meet their organizational goals, and provide excellent care to patients across the region.”


About Blue Rock Search

Blue Rock Search ( is an MBE Certified, 100% minority/female-owned executive search firm specializing in the targeted identification, assessment, and placement of high-impact leaders for their clients. Their founding partners are respected, trusted thought leaders, collectively bringing over 75 years of direct, relevant search experience to their four dedicated practices: HR/Diversity, Franchise, Customer Experience, and Higher Education Executive Search. Blue Rock’s agile service delivery model is designed to flex to the unique needs and expectations of any search, and quickly fill critical roles. Blue Rock Search believes the starting point for a successful search is a strong client relationship built on their core values of trust, mutuality, and commitment—creating “Relationships Built to Last.”

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