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Charity Spotlight: Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

Ovarian cancer makes up approximately 1 percent of all new cancer cases each year and is the fifth-leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women. With a nearly 50 percent five-year survival rate, it is not always one of the deadliest cancers, but its survival rate also has seen relatively little progress over the last few decades, especially in contrast with some other cancers. The Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance is trying to change that.


Incorporated in 1994, OCRA is the oldest – and largest – charity in the world that is dedicated to ovarian cancer research. The organization has its roots in two separate groups (the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund) which joined forces to provide the most effective all-around advocacy and fundraising to pursue the ultimate goal of ending ovarian cancer for good. Today, OCRA raises tens of millions of dollars for cancer research, vigorously advocates for research and survivors at every level of government, and provides resources and support for patients, caregivers, and survivors.


OCRA has invested more than $110 million in ovarian cancer research to date. The organization also invests its resources into lobbying for federal research funding from by the National Cancer Institute and Department of Defense, as well as advocating for health policies to benefit patients and survivors – and training future advocates and community partners to continue the important work. They also provide education to medical professionals to ensure early diagnoses, support patients with a peer-matching program in hospitals and online, and convene the annual Ovarian Cancer National Conference.


“I have had personal experience with ovarian cancer,” said Angelica Santiago, Executive Search Consultant at Blue Rock Search. “My hope is that with their research they can fully understand the origin and find new ways to prevent it or discover more effective treatments.”


Blue Rock is proud to highlight and support the incredible work of the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance!


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