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What Private Equity Firms Need to Consider in Recruiting Partners

When it comes to selecting a private equity recruiting partner, firms need to balance several different factors. How can your firm be sure that you’re choosing an executive search partner that truly understands the specific demands of private equity and its necessary qualifications for candidates? Here are a few key factors to consider when evaluating search firms.


Talent Network and Contacts: Any good search starts with the people, which means finding a private equity recruiting partner with the resources to access top talent. Look for a recruiting partner with a high-caliber pipeline of candidates that includes many professionals with significant and relevant experience in private equity. A top executive search firm should also have access to a pipeline of passive talent who are not actively seeking new roles but may fit the qualifications and would consider a new role under the right circumstances.


Private Equity Expertise: Private equity has its own unique dynamics, and a recruiting firm for private equity needs to have a deep understanding of the field. In particular, they should understand the time-sensitive nature of private equity operations, which can require a partner capable of delivering speedy, efficient searches for critical leadership roles.


Diverse Talent: To stay responsive to today’s rapidly-changing business world, private equity firms need diverse, thoughtful, and dynamic leadership. Prioritize working with firms with a track record to support their commitment to placing diverse talent in mission-critical roles.


Confidentiality and Discretion: The nature of private equity deals means that sensitivity and confidentiality are critical in all operations, including recruiting. Your recruiting partner should be able to assure you of their confidentiality protocols, including the handling of sensitive information and the steps taken to ensure searches are handled with care and discretion at every step.


Value Creation: Look for an executive search partner with a deep understanding of the value creation cycle in private equity. They’ll be able to work with you to identify top candidates with a proven track record of driving growth, improving operations, and meeting targets.


Understanding Firm Culture: To reach the highest levels of success, your firm needs to bring in qualified people who are a genuine fit for the culture. Your executive recruiting partner should take the time to develop a thorough understanding of your firm’s culture, goals, and values to bring you candidates with relevant skills and the ability to integrate seamlessly and effectively into your team.


Partnership Approach: Your firm deserves a recruiting partner that acts as a true partner and an extension of your team throughout the process. Blue Rock Search’s philosophy is built on “relationships built to last.” We prioritize proactive communication, frequent updates, and collaborative insights from start to finish to ensure your search brings the results you need.


By Joshua Jones


About the Author

Joining the organization in early 2018, Joshua leads the executive search efforts for the Private Equity team. He is a recognized thought leader in the recruiting industry, quoted in the Wall Street Journal and other publications. Joshua’s 15+ years of business experience in both public and private companies, along with deep relationships within various Private Equity communities, provides clients the broad range of knowledge they need to find transformative leaders. Clients consider Joshua a trusted partner who takes the time to understand their organization and adds value beyond executive search engagements.


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