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What to Know About HR Technology and Recruiting in 2024

In today’s HR world, there seem to be new technology solutions around every corner, promising to overhaul your HR function. Trying to keep up can be a real challenge, which is why having strong, visionary HR leadership is so important. What should leaders be focusing on? How might this technology affect executive searches? Here’s what we suggest HR teams keep in mind right now.


Significant Change, Uncertain Path

The one thing everyone is certain about regarding HR tech is that no one is truly certain about anything. According to Gartner’s annual HR priorities report, 60% of HR leaders are uncertain about the impact of evolving technology trends (like generative AI) on HR and talent. Meanwhile, 56% acknowledge their existing HR technology solutions and overall strategy don’t match their current and future business needs, particularly around digital transformation.


Gartner’s research highlights what most HR professionals are experiencing right now: a huge onslaught of buzzy technology and an inescapable hype cycle that can be hard to keep up with. CHROs and other HR leaders are constantly looking for ways to avoid the hype merry-go-round without missing truly important developments. For instance, the AI hype is real but has created plenty of headaches. Even as mandates are laid down and competitive pressures increase to use AI to improve productivity, HR teams aren’t sure how to implement it. Also, many are still trying to catch up with the last big change cycle, which increased demands for HR tech to support flexible working solutions and enhanced employee experiences.


To navigate all this, organizations need HR leaders who stay up to date, who cut through the noise, and who can approach new ideas from a thoughtful perspective without extreme reactions. These leaders must be able to handle technology and help their teams adapt. After all, mid-tier HR staffers, too, need to feel comfortable with new technologies, not just leaders.


When confronted with new HR technologies, HR leaders must ask questions like the following:

  • Does it align with strategic outcomes/ business goals?
  • What gap(s) does a certain tech solution fill, and is it the most effective option?
  • How do individual solutions fit holistically into the overall HR tech approach?
  • Who should be included in decisions to adopt certain tech, and how will they be involved?
  • Will technology ultimately make us better, more efficient, or more profitable, or are we falling into the trap of doing it because everyone else is?


How HR Technology Affects Recruiting

We already use HR technology in numerous ways, and some ‘upgrades’ are already in place, like AI-powered tools to screen resumes, schedule interviews, automate certain parts of onboarding, and so on. However, it’s vital to remember that technology is just a tool, not a replacement for any moving part, and diving too much into automation can backfire. Statistics cited by hiring platform Near note that 82% of job seekers today are frustrated with overly automated processes, and 87% say that tech developments have made job searching more impersonal. Therefore, our services at Blue Rock carry a significant value proposition, and your investment in hiring us is exactly that—an investment­. It’s an investment in people, which, despite recent technological advances, is still the driving force of any business.


Instead of replacing too many functions with AI and other tech solutions, look for ways to use technology to boost existing processes. This could be as simple as streamlining the ‘basic’ tasks mentioned above, or it could dig a little deeper. Sophisticated algorithms could effectively source and identify promising talent or even handle initial outreach. HR technology can also help bolster and streamline onboarding and elements of training post-hire. It might even boost retention efforts, with tech solutions enhancing your strategy to improve the employee experience and increase engagement.


The advances in HR technology also affect recruiting for higher-level positions, particularly in HR itself. Some tech solutions, for example, sourcing algorithms, can play a part in executive recruiting, while recruiting for top-level positions will always be more specialized than for lower-level roles. Therefore, executive search firms still play such a significant role in talent acquisition, and we find ourselves busier than ever. Our recruiters focus their research on finding leaders familiar with advanced HR technology solutions and with the necessary skills and experience to help their teams navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape. They seek individuals who are flexible, curious, resilient, and perhaps, most significantly, genuinely excited to learn more and lead the way into the future.


Today, HR technology is a complex concern, with plenty of competing solutions available and plenty of technology to wrangle with. Applied smartly and with the right HR leaders in place to guide the way, tech can greatly enhance your recruiting and retention process. At Blue Rock Search, we always strive to stay up to date with the latest HR tech developments so we can ask the right questions to identify candidates who are the transformative leaders you truly need. If you find yourself short of time, short of energy, or in need of ‘go get ‘em’ talent, look no further. Blue Rock is primed to get you results. We believe in reaching for the future — together.


By Ruben Moreno


About the Author

After a 25-year career in Corporate Human Resources and HR Executive Search, Ruben Moreno and his two partners co-founded Blue Rock Search based on a simple but ambitious vision of creating a firm that would “Change Lives and Organizations One Relationship at a Time.”  Ruben leads the Blue Rock HR & Diversity Executive Search practice specializing in the identification, assessment, recruitment, and onboarding of Chief HR Officers and Chief Diversity Officers and their respective teams — inclusive of leaders in Talent Acquisition, Total Rewards, HRBP’s, Learning & OD, HR Technology, HR Operations, and HR Analytics. Ruben has helped place hundreds of HR Executives and built deep relationships within the CHRO community across multiple industry verticals. His clients consider him a trusted partner who takes the time to understand their business and add value beyond executive search.

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