Our Story, Our Culture

Blue Rock Search was formed around a simple but ambitious vision of creating a firm that would, “Change Lives and Organizations One Relationship at a Time.”

It started in 2015, when the founders of Blue Rock, Nancy, Ruben, and Chris, sat down in a small rent-by-the-hour conference room in Sarasota, Florida. All three were experienced in both the business world and in recruiting. For many years, Ruben had managed HR teams in large corporate environments for globally recognized brands. Chris had enjoyed a successful career as a chef before switching to executive recruiting in the HR space almost a decade earlier. Nancy had owned several business services companies and was an expert in all aspects of franchising. 


Together they had close to 50 years of diverse experience, spanning corporate operating standards and efficiencies, shaping corporate culture, and entrepreneurship. More importantly, they shared a vision to create an executive search company that would serve as a trusted partner for clients.

As a trusted partner, Blue Rock Search is committed to being a company that clients can rely  upon to represent their organization professionally in all encounters and within a framework built on trust, mutuality and commitment.


Trust, by acting as a partner that clients could consistently rely on to represent them professionally and always operate in their best interests. Mutuality, by operating with transparency and aligning Blue Rock’s goals to support our partner’s goals and best intentions. Commitment and a dedication to serving our clients in the pursuit of their cultural and business objectives while building strong, lasting relationships.


Once the decision to form Blue Rock Search was made, we made a second major decision and joined Sanford Rose Associates (SRA), ranked as the “10th Largest U.S. Search Firm,” by Executive Search Review. As a member of the SRA network, we have access to systems, professional search experts, and a network of consultative support, allowing us to deliver the caliber of talent our clients require and deserve.


Over the years, Blue Rock Search has grown enormously from the three-person team that opened our doors. We are MBE Certified and focused on executive recruiting in four practice areas: Human Resources, Franchise, Customer Experience, and Higher Education. We currently have offices in Sarasota, Florida, and Knoxville, Tennessee, as well as recruiters working virtually around the country, providing recruiting and staffing services for clients of all sizes in the United States and globally.

No matter where they are located, Blue Rock team members are dedicated to our values of trust, mutuality, commitment, and relationships built to last.

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