Blue Rock Search

Executive Search

Your HR or Talent Acquisition department may be made up of one person or 1000 people. Whatever the size, recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new candidates can be a beast to manage, especially when it comes to finding dynamic C-Suite-level executives that lead your organization. Partnering with an executive search firm like Blue Rock frees your team up to focus on other crucial objectives. Using our vast network and ever-growing pipeline of transformational thought-leaders, we target and recruit passive candidates then perform full assessments to identify if they’re the perfect match for your organization. We do all the heavy lifting and present only the most impressive candidates for you to select from.

We never guess when it comes to finding your next big contributor.

It’s hard to trust that an external, 3rd party will know what the right fit looks like for your team. We never guess when it comes to finding your next big contributor. The first thing we do is get to know you and your unique hiring needs. We’ll ask questions about your long-term objectives, not just your immediate pain points, as well as the immediate deliverables for your open roles. We want to hear about the personalities on your team, the organizational structure, and your company values.

Consistent, clear communication, in tandem with a results-driven process, will drive our partnership. Your three-person search team will develop candidate-centric materials to leverage the opportunity and position your brand as the employer of choice.

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