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Charity Spotlight: Heifer International

Food insecurity and economic strife still affect countless people around the globe, especially those in developing countries. Heifer International is dedicated to much more than just providing food to people in need – they’re focused on providing well-rounded solutions that allow people independence, education, security, and a sustainable future for themselves, their families, and their […]

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Charity Spotlight: True Colors United

Youth homelessness affects 4.2 million youth in the United States each year. However, LGBTQ+ youth are 120% more likely to experience this difficult and frightening situation than their non-LGBTQ+ peers. In response to the startling statistic that LGBTQ+ individuals comprise up to 40% of young people experiencing homelessness, Cyndi Lauper, Lisa Barbaris, Jonny Podell, and

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Charity Spotlight: Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

Alzheimer’s disease has devastated so many families, but many organizations are doing the work to find out more about the causes, develop treatments, and provide much-needed support and services to families dealing with the disease. One of the foremost organizations is the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, dedicated to educating families and funding research towards treatments

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