Colin Boggess

Managing Director, Executive Search

As Managing Director, Executive Search for Blue Rock Search, Colin partners with leadership on the strategy and execution of Blue Rock’s vision and goals. His primary focus is transforming core business operations through advising, designing, implementing, and deploying solutions, infrastructure, and technology to achieve the organization’s ambitious growth objectives. Colin also runs the Sourcing & Research function for the HR Practice. He is a creative, detail-oriented, process-driven pro that can always be counted on to take on arduous projects and make the efficient management of such look easy.


Prior to Blue Rock Search, Colin was an HR Specialist for Summit Medical Group, East Tennessee’s largest primary care organization. Colin counseled 100+ managers on matters of performance management, employee relations, compliance, policy, and quality improvement. He was the primary point-of-contact on employee engagement, complaints, and investigations.  In this role, he prepared and presented findings and HR’s recommendation to management and partnered with Legal and Compliance teams regularly on resolutions. Colin also supported the Talent Acquisition team by revising and standardizing job descriptions and assisting with internal candidate vetting.

His passionate interest in Human Resources led Colin to his role with Blue Rock Search.

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Having spent much of his twenties as a farmer/rancher and wilderness guide, Colin has a special connection to nature and love of outdoor activities. When he’s able to disconnect, he enjoys hiking and camping in the mountains of Tennessee & North Carolina. He likes to collect nature field guide books, forage for wild food, and learn indigenous & homesteading skills. 


When asked what he would do if he was given unlimited resources, Colin shared that “I’d buy a large tract of land; recruit innovative farmers/ranchers, environmental engineers, botanists/scientists, artisans/craftsmen, homesteaders, primitive/pioneer skills experts, nature-based educators, etc. to live on the land and develop a closed-loop, self-sufficient demonstration farm community. This Farm Community would serve as an experimental model and research/education center for regenerative agriculture; decentralized, just, artisanal economies; rural arts & culture; and microgeneration technologies.”


Colin resides in Knoxville, TN with his wife Erin and their pibbles Lilly (12) & Tater (1). 

Fun Facts About Colin

Colin's Charity of Choice

“Sticking to my hometown roots, I’ve chosen Roanoke, Virginia-based LEAP (Local Environmental Agriculture Project) as the 501(c)3 non-profit to which I’d like Blue Rock to donate. As someone who passionately committed much of his twenties to regenerative farming and ranching, I support and believe in LEAP’s mission “to nurture healthy communities and resilient local food systems” through connecting the local farmers, food producers, culinary entrepreneurs and community members.”

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