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Blue Rock Confidential Search

Not all searches are created equal. Sometimes, more discretion and precision are required, and Blue Rock has the resources you need to conduct even these specialized classification of executive searches.

A confidential executive search can happen for any number of reasons:


  • You have a new position within the company that has not yet been announced
  • You are replacing an incumbent in a key position, but want to have a person in place. Perhaps the position is too important to leave vacant for any period of time and you need to avoid a gap in leadership, while the current person has moved to another role.
  • Your company doesn’t want to give advance notice to competitors about strategic decisions.
  • There is an upcoming shift in organizational structure that has not yet been announced, but you already know you don’t have the right internal candidate to fill the roles.
  • Your company is moving into a new business sector, and you aren’t ready for the market or the internal team to know.

Blue Rock Does Confidential Searches

We understand that time and discretion are of the essence when conducting confidential searches. Our confidential search process minimizes the number of people involved, both internally and externally, with bulletproof non-disclosure agreements that implement real repercussions for breaking the agreement.

The “confidential” part of confidential search means that your company can’t necessarily rely on usual avenues like word of mouth or help from professional networks. It’s also critical to be smart about written communications. Our recommended techniques include strategies like avoiding phrases that directly indicate the company name or specifics about the role, minimizing the use of email whenever possible, and using password-protected emails to send reports and candidate updates.

Our clients trust Blue Rock to perform with the discretion, professionalism, an efficiency required to successfully execute a confidential search. If you are in need of a confidential search give us a call.

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