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The race is on to find customer experience executive leadership at all types of organizations around the globe. Yet, many companies find it challenging to find their right-fit person who can envision and implement a strategic plan to transform the customer’s experience and improve business outcomes.

Blue Rock Search, an MBE Certified executive search firm, gives you the competitive edge you need. We have the contacts, the process, and the skills to attract the right talent and connect you to strategic leaders who will transform your organization.

The Blue Rock Customer Experience Executive Search team is led by Practice Leader, Ruben Moreno, in partnership with Dawn Russell, Director of Executive Search. Ruben and Dawn bring over three decades of business experience to recruiting C-Suite Customer Experience executives and their teams. Once we understand your goals, our team develops a comprehensive plan to find your next big hire and the Customer Experience leader who is both a visionary and an executor who will guide your company to the next level.

Finding CX Unicorns

Many organizations that successfully fill other executive roles still find it challenging to find quality candidates for CX C-suite positions. Job requirements are complex. CX executives must work with sales, marketing, IT, and operations, and understand data and people. They are tasked with increasing engagement, ensuring retention, and creating loyalty. To do this, they must have the strategic vision and skills to craft a customer journey that fulfills customers’ needs and aspirations while still being able to be profitably executed by fellow employees.

Blue Rock Search has the required depth in skills and contacts to find the right CX executive to champion change within your organization. With a process honed by experience, we know where to look and what to ask to find the person who ensures you are in the best position to win in your market.

Recent Searches for Customer Experience Executives

Blue Rock Search has worked with a wide range of industries to find right-fit people for critical customer experience roles in various departments. Our recent placements include:

Blue Rock Search is proud to be a member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association

Practice Leader

As a subject matter expert and highly specialized executive recruiter, Ruben has placed hundreds of HR professionals and built deep relationships within the HR Executive community across multiple industry verticals. He also has extensive experience in the design and implementation of recruiting systems, processes, and tools and has worked directly with multiple clients to develop and implement “fit for purpose” talent solutions.

Meet the Customer Experience Team

Meet Our Customer Experience Team

Ruben Moreno

Founder & Customer Experience Practice Leader

Bryan Vass

Director of Research and Sourcing

Dawn Russell

Managing Director, Executive Search

Recent Placements

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