Executive Search

As leadership requirements continue to evolve, our deep industry insight and extensive candidate connections strategically position our search teams to bring the next generation of leaders to your organization.


  • Extensive interface with you and possible on-site visit
  • Immersion into your culture to assist in optimal candidate identification, selection and project completion
  • In-depth quantifiable qualifications defined
  • Detailed screening questions established
  • Customized search plan designed specifically to target candidates who currently excel in their careers
  • Committed deployment of Blue Rock Search resources necessary for thorough market penetration
  • Documented recruiting roadmap and results
  • Commitment to continuous sourcing of talent until completion, unless indicated otherwise


  • Assistance with arrangement of interviews
  • Extensive interview preparations for you and candidates
  • Essential selling points are regularly presented to both you and candidates
  • Commitment to attract the best candidate with complete objectivity
  • Enthusiastically present and promote your opportunity to separate your message from others
  • Company name is openly shared (unless otherwise indicated) to increase success by eliminating initial candidate resistance and “widening the net” while promoting a positive public relations message


  • Progress reports can be customized delineating market penetration, overall market receptivity and suggestions to increase effectiveness
  • Candidates from all sources are objectively evaluated by the same search team
  • In-depth interviews occur with candidates covering interests, accomplishments and motivations for change
  • Customized candidate presentations that can include résumé/CV, candidate summary, references, behavioral profile and background verification, as requested
  • Accountability to ensure that the best possible candidate is selected for the position
  • Consultative approach in the selection process with Blue Rock acting as an extension and partner of your team


  • Exclusivity of relationship utilized as a pillar of strength in landing candidate
  • Enhanced replacement guarantee
  • Extensive involvement in resignation process
  • Consulting to “counteroffer-proof” candidate
  • Post acceptance and resignation follow-up
  • Ensuring candidate’s successful transition into your company
  • Assistance with relocation issues and financial considerations

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