Joshua Jones

Director of Recruiting

As Practice Leader at Blue Rock Search for the Operational Excellence Division, Joshua works with multi-billion-dollar manufacturing organizations and is strategically focused on helping his clients acquire key talent in Performance/Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement. Earlier in his career at Tech USA, Joshua serviced government and commercial clients with staffing solutions within the Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing, Aerospace and Defense, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Scientific, and Intelligence sectors.


This broad reach across several industries has given Joshua an opportunity to recognize one simple factor when it comes to driving Operational Excellence in any organization: that an executive’s biggest challenge is to invest and focus energy on people. A successful change management program with cultural transformation at its heart will drive a more sustainable and integrated operational excellence program across any enterprise, which will in turn drive a willingness to embrace new technologies and digital enablers. Joshua knows that, in order to achieve a successful change management and cultural transformation program, Leadership understanding and buy-in must come first. Joshua is committed to finding these types of impactful leaders and connecting them with his clients.