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Kaylee Hileman

Director of Research & Sourcing

As Director of Research and Sourcing, Kaylee is the Sourcing Partner for our HR Practice. She has experience working across multiple industries, including manufacturing, technology, biotech, private equity, consumer goods, financial services, and healthcare. With an understanding of each search project and ideal candidate profile, Kaylee leads the assigned team through a search strategy session immediately post search launch. Utilizing a variety of skills, sources, and technology, Kaylee identifies our clients’ competitors and locates the contacts within those companies, ultimately identifying the passive impact players. Kaylee is also responsible for maintaining our confidential database of companies and candidates, so that we can respond to new searches with speed and precision.

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Kaylee loves to explore new restaurants, play tennis (when weather permits), kayak, camp, and go shopping. She aspires to live on the beach one day. She loves to vacation anywhere there is water- preferably the beach. Kaylee lives in Westfield, Indiana with her fiancé, Chris, and their cat Dottie who they love A LOT.

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Kaylee's Charity of Choice

I have had personal experience within my family with Alzheimer’s and it is a devastating disease to watch a family member experience. My hope is that less families will have to experience this as we continue to learn more about the disease, preventative measures, and potential treatments.  

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