Keith Bryan

Director, Executive Search

Keith serves in a dual role at Blue Rock, supporting both Franchising Executive Search and Operation Excellence Executive Search. With over two decades of business experience, he has expertise in both areas.

Before joining Blue Rock Search, Keith was a significant contributor to three national Franchisees’ growth across nine states and actively involved in hiring leadership positions throughout each of these franchise systems. To Franchise Executive Search, he brings extensive cross-functional experience, including multi-unit operations, new store development, and M&A. For Keith, his hands-on experience in the franchise community has reinforced the Franchisee/Franchisor relationship’s importance. He believes it is an invaluable part of successful franchise growth and brand recognition for any concept. At Blue Rock Search, Keith brings unique insight to help Franchising companies secure Director-level, up to and including C-level talent.

Keith’s career path has also given him an in-depth understanding of Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement. He has specialized expertise in this area and assists medium to large global companies in executive level search for positions in operational excellence, Lean, TPM, and Six Sigma. Some of Keith’s clients include Owens Corning, Littelfuse, BK Technologies, Mirion Technologies, Bibliotheca ‘Briggs and Stratton, JR Automation, McDonald’s Corporation, Nordson, and New Process Steel.


Before joining Blue Rock Search, Keith learned success came when he secured the best talent to support long-term organizational goals. No matter what role he recruits for, Keith is committed to providing his clients with candidates who will make transformational contributions to their organization and allow them to achieve their culture and business goals.

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Get to know Keith

Keith and his wife live the quintessential Florida lifestyle with boats, jet skis, and a desk on his dock. A native of Ohio, Keith is a diehard Ohio State fan – even his dog is named Brutus – and his dog is a female!


Keith is a constant source of “Dad jokes” at the Sarasota office and is always ready to make you laugh.  He is a fast-food lover with a daily visit to McDonald’s and still connects with his childhood comfort foods like SpaghettiOs’s and Trix.


He and his wife enjoy traveling –  with their last trip visiting their son that’s stationed abroad in Italy.  Keith says he’ll never retire but wants to travel more and volunteer to assist children in need in his spare time.

Fun Facts About Keith

Keith's Charity of Choice

“I have a passion for organizations that support children and their ability to live a normal life. At no charge to the families, Shriner’s hospitals offer medical services to handicapped children to minimize their disability and offer them a chance to experience everyday life.”

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