Our Commitment to DEI&B

There's Room for Everyone at the Top

We believe DEI&B can make the world a better place.

Yes, that’s a big statement, but it is also something that we strongly believe in at Blue Rock Search. It is also why we embrace Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging as part of our own culture. And, we encourage our clients to do the same as part of our approach to HR/Diversity, Franchise, Customer Experience (CX), and Higher Education Executive Search.

“Diversity” describes heterogeneity within a business that has many different perspectives, backgrounds, and demographics present, typically resulting from deliberate actions taken to achieve that representation. “Equity” adds the dimension of fairness. Where “equality” may still overlook different circumstances, equity is an approach that takes into account how different people or groups come from different places. “Inclusion” is about how truly welcome different people feel and how welcome their perspectives are within the broader picture.

Ruben Moreno speaks on his experience at Cornell University and how racial tensions in his community taught him and his peers how to see through others’ lenses.

“Belonging” is a term stemming from inclusion. It is about creating an organizational culture that authentically values its people, sees differences as a net positive, and actively works to continually create an environment where people feel safe and excel. We are committed to working in collaboration with others to build safe environments where people of every background can be their best – and whole – selves, where honest conversations can be had about devastating actions past and present, and where we can support one another wholeheartedly.

Can inequality within the workplace be eliminated? We believe it can. By working with people who are different than us, we learn. It benefits organizations, expands our approach to creative problem solving, and fosters innovative thinking. And building a culture where employees can show up, be their true selves, and know they are valued, promoting engagement, productivity, and retention—all of which positively impact the bottom line.

DEI&B also contributes to the public good. When we embrace these principles, both communities and individuals benefit. And when people and society flourish, we are all better off.

At Blue Rock Search, we also never lose sight of the many people who have advised, mentored, and opened doors. As a female/minority-owned executive search firm, we know helping hands matter, and we understand the realities of living as part of groups who face bias in everyday life. Our motto is “Relationships Built to Last.” We firmly believe that those long-lasting relationships must be built on a foundation of trust, respect, and support in both words and actions, and we are committed to demonstrating that in everything we do.

By working together, we will reach the summit of success, where DEI&B is no longer an aspirational goal—and instead has become the foundation for corporate culture, and the way we all think, act, and believe.

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