Our Methodology

Efficient and Effective - the Blue Rock Search Process Roadmap

Blue Rock Search is committed to presenting your best-fit candidate using a process for executive search that is both efficient and effective. Our process includes four phases: launch, recruiting, Interviews, and placement.

Our Process

The Launch Phase

The launch begins with a “Job Order Intake Call.” All members of your Blue Rock team are present for the call. In the call, we go over your goals and the role to be filled. This information is used to create a spec sheet. A search strategy is determined, and all internal documentation and processes for the search are set up within our CRM. Key priorities and CQQs are developed and finalized, along with a Job Posting Form and an InMail template for LinkedIn is developed. We research and review profiles during the launch, using them to create 7 to 10 “Calibration” profiles. We post the job and actively begin recruiting.

The Recruiting Phase

Candidate outreach allows us to identify passive candidates for your position. Candidate development is the process where your Blue Rock team conducts personal calls, screens, networks, and markets the positions. We assess for cultural fit, skills, and appropriate experience. Qualifying candidates are presented to you.

The Interview Phase

We interface with both clients and candidates during the interview phase, ensuring a meaningful exchange of information. After the interview, we debrief clients and candidates to get feedback from both sides.

The Placement Phase

Blue Rock Search is with you through all phases of the offer and candidate transition. We offer recommendations about your offer, collect feedback, and do pulse checks once the candidate is fully onboard at your organization. Your satisfaction is paramount, so we survey you to be sure you are happy with all executive search and outcome phases.

Whether you partner with Blue Rock Search for Human Resources, Franchise, Higher Education, or Customer Experience, you can count on us to cover all the bases, act professionally, communicate proactively and bring you the candidates who will help you transform your culture, organization, and achieve your business goals.

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