Professional Recruitment

Each of our specialized recruitment practice professionals understand the nuances of your industry and functional roles.


  • Interface with you to secure position information
  • Target existing database of talent
  • Limited resource deployment as resources are assigned to projects with candidate recylability
  • Present candidates as they surface with no commitment to search completion


  • Assistance with arrangement of interviews
  • Verbal snapshot of selling points provided
  • Your opportunity will be presented in conjunction with one or more non-exclusive assignments
  • Company name is not initially shared to protect vested interest which can create concern with candidates


  • Limited verbal sharing of search data
  • You are responsible for optimal screening of candidates and acting as a filter for candidates from multiple sources
  • Initial candidate interviews less thorough to ensure fast presentation to you to “get résumé/CV in first” and to ensure credit as the referral source
  • Presentation of résumé/CV
  • “Vendor” approach to hiring


  • Effort to remove client’s perception of our vested interest
  • Standard replacement guarantee
  • Extensive involvement in resignation process to “counteroffer-proof” candidate
  • Post acceptance and resignation follow-up
  • Ensuring candidate’s successful transition into your company
  • Assistance with relocation issues and financial considerations

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