Victoria Adams

Office Manager

Victoria is the Office Manager for Blue Rock Search. She keeps things moving and in order at both the Sarasota and Knoxville offices.  She is often referred to as the “heart and soul” or the “glue” here at Blue Rock Search.


Victoria is creative, organized, and a cheerleader–getting things done behind the scenes.  Having worked for public school systems early in her career, then retail management, and after that as receptionist and office manager for multiple businesses, Victoria knows how to handle any kind of personality and situation and she does it with a smile (and a quiet clever comment when warranted). 

Victoria was one of the first hires here at Blue Rock Search and it is agreed that she is truly our lucky charm. Without Ms. V  in the house, the wheels wobble a bit! 

Connect with Victoria

Get to know Victoria

Victoria is an avid collector of rocks and crystals and could easily be envisioned as a fairy scattering fairy-dust in another dimension.  She is an ardent reader and loves to cook.  Never slowing down, she spends most of her time off either visiting the Florida Keys or  keeping up with her spunky 7-year-old granddaughter Maggie.


Victoria is an unassuming rocker with a love for loud, long-hair classic rock.  She says her favorite band is the Eagles, but most of us beg to differ and believe it is really AC/DC.

Fun Facts About Victoria

Victoria's Charity of Choice

“Centerstone Walk-in Clinic is a local establishment in Bradenton, FL.  It provides free counseling, rape crisis, free or low-cost counseling for adults and kids who are sex abuse victims and can designate a MH program for children/adults.  It is a place very near and dear to my heart. My daughter has worked in the mental health industry for 15 years and has spent 12 of these years at Centerstone.”

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