How to Work with a Recruiter and Make Great Hires

How to Work with a Recruiter and Make Great Hires

It doesn’t take long to realize the competitive edge you gain by forging a successful partnership with a veteran recruiter. From planning and strategizing to delivering key talent who will make a real difference in your organization’s success, a growing number of companies are leveraging recruiting firms to find top-tier talent in the customer experience marketplace. But if you want to realize all the benefits a recruiter has to offer, then you need to know how to effectively collaborate with one. Below are some tips for how to work with a recruiter to make great hires.

Be a Partner

Approach the relationship as a professional alliance. Strong business partnerships are built on a foundation of support, optimism, and collaboration. Make yourself available to the search firm because it’s a major investment. Then, ensure that you and your key stakeholders are available for scheduling, questions, and coaching throughout the process. Building a successful team is more of a marathon than a sprint.

Be a Communicator

Convey any and all changes in your business or the search. Confirm that the recruiter understands the message that you’re sending. Communication should be honest and consistent regarding your goals. You can still influence decision making by sharing h3 insights about the types of candidates that will be the best cultural fit for your work environment.

Be Diligent

Dig deep into the firm’s reputation by asking thoughtful questions. Ask how quickly they can fill critical roles. Inquire about the tools, technology, and resources that they use to land talent, etc.

Be Transparent

Provide an honest look into the company so the recruiter can match candidates to the position and culture. Share your mission statement early in the process, along with shared values, practices, and beliefs.

Be Discerning

Ask if they’re market masters (or specialists) in their space. Request a list of their recent placements, client testimonials, etc.

Be Proactive

Be open to new ideas and innovations as the industry is constantly changing. Coercion is considered a red flag. Successful partnerships enable things to develop naturally on their own.

Be Inclusive

Include key stakeholders at intake meetings and whenever necessary throughout the process, especially at the beginning of the search.

Be Informed

Make sure you understand the ins and outs of the contract, especially in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Get the firm’s track record on searches in their industry by checking references. Find out their average time to fill roles in your space.

Be Discriminating

Expect professionalism and an elite client experience. Finding a recruiter that is a market master is only the first step. You also need to focus on being the best business partner that you can be if you want to make great hires now and into the future.

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