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HR may not be the first part of a company you think of when you think about corporate sustainability practices, but in fact, sustainability and HR are closely linked. Consider some of the reasons why HR is uniquely poised to make a difference when it comes to companies’ commitment to sustainability.


Job Seekers Prefer Working for Sustainable Companies

At every level in today’s world, potential employees aren’t just looking for any company to work for – they’re looking for one that shares their values and sense of responsibility to the world outside the office doors. By centering a commitment to sustainability (and taking concrete steps towards real actions with actual impact), HR can lead the way to boosting a company’s profile, attracting better talent along the way.


For current employees, sustainability can be a part of HR’s strategy to retain employees and keep morale and company pride high. Employees feel better about their jobs when they feel like they’re in a company with strong values that actually has a positive impact. Ongoing sustainability work also implies that a company has a culture of care, which in turn matters to employees who want a responsible workplace that’s not solely focused on the bottom line.


As an Executive Search firm, we can promise you that even if top talent doesn’t ask questions focused on sustainability, at the least they will look at your website to see your public position on the topic.


HR Can Have a Real Impact

The central role of HR means that the department is uniquely poised to have a real, lasting impact on building sustainability within an organization. As HR brings new employees in and gets feedback from current workers, they can embed sustainability in company culture from the very start and be the first to know when something new needs to be addressed.


By setting up a foundation of sustainability, HR can make the transition to sustainable practices smoother. Reducing waste, streamlining and “greening” practices, and implementing programs are all in HR’s purview. Plus, HR is positioned to get employees directly involved by asking for feedback and being a trustworthy resource, as long as it’s acting in good faith, not simply as a PR strategy.


Sustainability Is an Advantage

HR is there to help the company and its employees excel. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability can lead to happier (and more productive) employees, an efficient process, and a positive reputation for responsibility, ethics, and innovation. All of this can turn into long-term profit and success. Get HR involved in implementing sustainable practices now and see how it can benefit your company both now and in the long term!

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