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5 Key Phone Interview Tips

5 Key Phone Interview Tips

Phone and video interviews are becoming more common across many industries because they are more efficient and cost-effective than meeting in person. They have also become the norm when face-to-face interviews are limited due to the pandemic. Yet phone interviews have their own unique strengths and challenges. Below we’ll cover five key phone interview tips to help you improve your chances of a job offer.

Some Preparation Tips

Some organizations will review your social media accounts during the screening process to help them determine if you would make a trustworthy, responsible employee. Hiring managers can and will disqualify you for a variety of reasons based on the content that they find on your social media. Inappropriate photos, discriminatory comments and even being linked to past criminal behaviors are some of things that hiring managers have found on the social media feeds of their candidates. But if you keep it clean and professional, then it can be a tool that provides recruiters with a reason to hire you too. Some things that could help your chances include sharing a professional photo, posting content that supports your qualifications, and demonstrating your creativity.

During the Call

Here is a phone interview checklist to give you the best chance possible of a successful call and improved likelihood of a job offer.

  1. Be a good listener. Have a quiet space on standby that is far removed from noises and distractions. Don’t multitask and give the interviewer your undivided attention. Allow them to guide the conversation and avoid interrupting them as much as possible. It’s important to listen as much as you talk. Concentrate on hearing about what the job entails, don’t listen just to answer questions.
  2. Ensure a clear connection. Although we definitely live in a mobile world, you still have to consider reception and sound quality; mitigate the risk of dropping calls that might happen on a cell phone. Instead of using the speakerphone setting, use a hands free headset so you can take notes, access important documents, etc.
  3. Speak clearly. And don’t talk too fast while you’re speaking. Standing instead of sitting will help you project your voice more effectively. Hiring managers are trying to gauge your attitude on the phone, and you want to sound friendly and enthusiastic, so smile during the interview too.
  4. Practice giving a brief overview of your work history. Be prepared to respond to any questions about your resume. Phone interviews usually last around 30 minutes and topics can range from salary expectations to why you are seeking a new opportunity.
  5. Ask questions. You want to show your interest in the opportunity and company. Ask about things like company history, dates and office location; but avoid topics like salary, benefits, or problems with your current employer.

Phone interviews are great opportunities to make a positive first impression. All you have to do is practice, listen and ask good questions. Don’t let your social media get in the way of landing your dream job.

by Nancy Estep

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