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Make a Great Impression when Interviewing for a Remote Role

Make a Great Impression when Interviewing for a Remote Role

You may have mastered the art of the in-person interview, but with remote roles on the rise, now you may find yourself having to ace virtual one. Remote roles are becoming much more prominent in the customer experience field. Consequently, virtual interviews are also becoming increasingly popular. These tips will help you make a great impression when interviewing for a remote role.

Reflect on Your Online Presence

While it is common for employers to check your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and other social media accounts to learn more about you before an interview, your online presence matters even more when you’re applying for a remote role. Beyond what they see on your resume, the Google search they do of your name will be the first impression they have of you. In an in-person interview, you can do more to control the impression you leave on a hiring manager. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and tells the story about your career. Remove any posts or pictures that are controversial or inappropriate.

Nail Down Your Pitch

In a virtual interview, hiring managers pay close attention to the message you convey. Face-to-face, employers pick up on a lot of nonverbal communication cues. But during an online interview, they have to focus more on candidates’ words. A compelling pitch is the best way to stand out from other applicants. Think about what makes you right for the role, what you can offer the company others can’t, and what makes you a great investment. You also want to share examples and stories that support your pitch. It is more memorable than just listing bullet points.

Perfect Your Delivery

You have to think differently about how you deliver your message because you can’t communicate with body language and facial expressions as well virtually as you could in a more traditional setting. First and foremost, you have to make sure you speak into the camera, otherwise you won’t be making eye contact with the interviewer. In addition, you should practice speaking loudly and clearly. Try recording your pitch to see if you are enunciating your words, speaking loud enough to be heard, and talking at a natural pace. You also want to think about the character of your delivery. Do you sound enthusiastic or do you sound monotonous? If the manager has trouble understanding what you say or you come across as disinterested, they’ll hire someone else.

When interviewing for a remote position in customer experience, you have to set yourself apart from other candidates and give employers no doubt that you are the one they should hire. Virtual interviews pose a unique set of challenges for candidates, yet with a little practice and preparation you can make a great impression.

by Christopher Rios

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