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4 Unique Interview Questions to Gain Deeper Insights

4 Unique Interview Questions to Gain Deeper Insights

Professionals who are looking for a new opportunity may wind up hearing the same questions asked over and over again. While generic questions have their place, more unique questions can lead to more sincere responses and allow you to really get to know the candidate better – assessing both soft skills and personality. These four interview questions can help you gain deeper insights about candidates.

1. “What did you like most about your previous job?”

This question allows you to learn a lot about what a candidate’s priorities are and what they look for in a company’s culture. This question is a great way to learn how closely a candidate’s values align with the values of your company. By asking this question, you often learn some things about what the candidate didn’t like about their previous work, which can give you insights on how to provide a better employee experience.

2. “Have you ever disagreed with how a direct manager approached a problem? How did you handle the situation?”

This type of question can tell you a lot about how a candidate approaches conflict. Can they handle disagreements with professionalism? Do they trust their instincts when they need to? Do they communicate with respect? It’s important to have people on your team who can navigate tense work situations, speak up for themselves, and be a true team player.

3. “What is the highlight of your career thus far?”

This is another question that helps you get to truth of what kind of employee a candidate is. You will learn about how the candidate defines success. Do they tie their success to the success of the company they work for? Do they feel most accomplished when they’re helping others?

4. “What have you learned from past failures?”

Most candidates will choose to focus on their biggest achievements during interviews, so forcing them to discuss their failures can help you gain a fuller picture of a candidate. You want employees who learn from their failures and bounce back quickly. It also helps to see how easy it is for the candidate to talk about their failures. If this is hard for them, they may lack humility or the ability to self-reflect.

Creative questions get candidates to open up and veer from their rehearsed responses. Instead of asking the same old questions every time, ask some unique questions that can give you insights into what a candidate values, how they see the world, and how they will approach their new role if hired.

by Ruben Moreno

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