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Set Meaningful Goals and Milestones in the New Year

Set Meaningful Goals and Milestones in the New Year

January is the time where many business owners sit down, evaluate their objectives, and set goals for the coming year. The most common goals are either goals aimed to establish a healthy habit or goals aimed to correct negative behaviors. Either way, New Year’s resolutions if done right have the ability to advance your long-term business objectives. These tips will help you set meaningful goals for the New Year.

Start Small

While there is nothing wrong with setting challenging goals for yourself at the start of the year, it is important to also set smaller, more manageable milestones. Start with an easy goal to build your confidence and gradually increase the difficulty of milestones. So many people drop their New Year’s resolution when they experience their first major obstacle. This approach will make larger goals more attainable, while reducing the odds of experiencing a major setback.

Focus on Compass Goals

You want to set goals that are both meaningful and energizing. If you set a goal because you think it is something you should do or because other people think it’s a good idea, you will likely give up halfway through. This is why at Blue Rock Search we have an annual operating plan meeting in November with our entire team and then break off into each business unit team. Then if any initiatives or goals require planning or set up (i.e., update databases, new admin, or tech resources, etc.) then there is time before the new year map out the journey and plan. This helps with not feeling overwhelmed at the start of the new year. In choosing a goal, you want to think about objectives that mean something to you. You also want to make the journey a pleasant experience. Rewarding yourself after you reach each milestone can also make your journey more enjoyable. In setting your compass goals, think about why the goal is important to you, set milestones and accompanying rewards, and make sure each milestone has a concrete deadline. This can help make the goal more attainable while keeping the journey fun.

Concentrate on Positive Behaviors

Resolutions often focus on negative behaviors. Your goal could be to stop procrastinating or to spend less money. These types of goals often fail because they make us feel like we’re giving up things we enjoy. It helps to frame resolutions in a more positive light. For example, instead of focusing on procrastinating less, focus on the areas where you are more proactive already and expand on those through time-management practices. Most goal-setting tasks you with changing or replacing habits that you have. Maintaining a positive mindset makes it easier to adapt new, more productive habits.

Many of the goals people set at the start of a new year end up failing, but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can increase the odds of accomplishing your annual goals by setting meaningful goals, breaking your goals into smaller milestones, keeping a positive attitude, and making the journey enjoyable.

by Nancy Estep

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