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How to Create a Company Culture That Boosts Productivity

How to Create a Company Culture That Boosts Productivity

High pressure work environments are the norm in many professions as organizations push their employees to perform and produce. Although this strategy might be an effective short-term approach, it usually leads to a negative work culture and burnout among employees. As leaders in the customer experience industry, we encourage companies to promote positivity and wellbeing to your most valuable assets – your employees. Below are some strategies for how to create a company culture that boosts productivity.

Cultivate a Positive Foundation

First, you have to ensure that workplace culture embodies positive organizational physiology and is built on the right foundation. Successful company cultures are founded on these things:

  • Culture specificity is essential. Be certain of the kind of culture and values you want to have. Create a unique brand story that defines your core values and communicates a higher purpose. Share what you believe, why you exist, and your company vision. Then, commit to policies and actions that support these values.
  • Identify your “people person.” This could be somebody already working for you or a customer experience recruiter can help you find the right person to lead and live the culture. Hire the right people who will buy-in to your culture, live it, and share it too. Always focus on talent brand development because what the employees think, feel, and share about the company is incredibly important.
  • Optimize your hiring process to bring in the right people. Hiring managers should confirm that shortlisted candidates appreciate the established culture and values. Prioritize cultural fit and candidate attitude over skills. You can teach knowledge, skills, and ability, but you cannot teach desire. Openly share your culture in the interview process to encourage a mutual fit.
  • Reinforce your core values. Offer programs, initiatives, and awards to carry out the companies mission. Promote open communication and collaboration throughout the organization.
  • Measure your culture. From surveys to one-on-one meetings, ask your team on a regular basis if they have any concerns about company culture. This will boost trust and productivity because your employees know if you are living the core values; if you aren’t then changes can be made.

The right people, in the right seats, at the right time, will always foster increased productivity. People want to get behind something that is worthwhile. When they find it, when they understand it, when they believe in it, they will ultimately live it and then run through walls for you. They won’t want to disappoint you, the company, their teams, or themselves.

by Christopher Rios

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