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How Employee Experience and Customer Experience are Intertwined

How Employee Experience and Customer Experience are Intertwined

When you create a rewarding experience for your customers, you start to build a sense of loyalty. Customers are more likely to come back and spend more money on your products or services. What some companies don’t realize is that employee experience can have a substantial effect on customer experience.

What Makes Customer Experience Positive?

Generally, customers seek convenience. Most customers also enjoy interacting with companies that deliver a personal touch. Because so much is digitalized these days, consumers often feel disconnected to companies. Providing a more personal experience shows customers that you value them. Reliability and consistency also contribute to cultivating a positive customer experience. These are important because you need customers to trust that they will receive exceptional service every time they interact with you. In addition, even one bad experience can drive a customer away for good.

How Does Employee Experience Figure In?

Customer and employee experience are intertwined because employees are predominantly responsible for driving customer experience. Many consumers will pay more and are more likely to develop a sense of loyalty if the service they experience is consistently friendly. Most consumers also value knowledge and competence in employees. As a company, the way you treat employees directly affects how they treat your customers. If your employees are engaged and satisfied, they’re more likely to keep your customers happy.

Improving Customer Experience by Improving Employee Experience

Training and professional development improve both customer and employee experience. They help challenge employees and develop skills that will further their career. Training also ensures that employees are of being as helpful and informative as possible when they interact with customers. Having a positive employee experience also influences attitude. Consumers can tolerate a lot in a company, but they don’t tolerate bad attitudes. This is one reason it’s important to keep your employees happy. If you make them feel like you value them, they’re more likely to have a positive attitude and show your customers that they are valued.

Empower Employees

You want every one of your customers to walk away satisfied. To accomplish this, you have to empower your employees. Let them know that they have free rein to do what is necessary to give customers a positive experience within reason. The key is to encourage cooperation between clients and employees. If customers sense conflict, they’ll find a different company to give their business to.

Providing a consistent, enjoyable customer experience starts with providing an exceptional employee experience. If you create a company culture that empowers employees and makes them feel valued, they are more likely to try their best to give customers the best experience possible.

by Christopher Rios

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